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Chairman & Managing Director

Ayyanna Infra Private Limited

Founder's Message

Ayyanna Infra Private Limited has created a special niche for itself in Hyderabad’s realty. Since, 2012 we have accomplished and handed over 4 residential infra projects viz. Ayyanna Prestige, Ayyanna Pride, Ayyanna Pearl, and Ayyanna Platina. The ongoing 2 residential projects are Ayyanna Prestine, and Hydernagar. Our ongoing 4 Commercial Projects are Ayyanna IT Park, Ayyanna Pinnacle, Ayyanna Palazzo, and Ayyanna Prime. In the future we plan to build 2 Residential Apartments viz. Ayyanna Phonixe, and Ayyanna Prima.

We always strive to be leaders in the Hyderabad real-estate market meeting the expectations of our customers. With Quality, Reliability, Accountability, and innovation as the four pillars of our business we have endeared ourselves to thousands of households. We feel really proud to announce that Ayyanna Infra shares the joy and happiness of all its customers and patrons.

Our customers and patrons have continuously encouraged and inspired us to innovate, build and deliver new building projects. We feel very proud to join all the happy communities living at Ayyanna Prestige, Ayyanna Pride, Ayyanna Pearl and Ayyanna Platina. We aim to make Ayyanna as the one-and-only-name in Hyderabad for safe, secure and blissful residential apartments, and high-returns assuring commercial spaces.

Today, the global economic progress is driven by fast depletion and pollution of water, land, minerals and other natural resources. This had a fall-out as environmental disasters, ecological and socio-economic imbalances across the world. We believe that, together we can do so much to reverse any disastrous situation and create a world free of threat, disease and suffering.

With continuous support from our customers, we have made all our infra projects green and sustainable. By massive landscaping, water-harvesting and tree plantation activities we have holistically contributed to reduction of emissions and created a clean and green environment in and around our project sites.

True, this generation’s changed lifestyle and sustainable living practices will ensure joy, happiness and abundance for the upcoming generations. With this thinking in mind, we have made all our constructions green, safe and secure. To take this further, we are doing our part to promote the prestigious Haritha Haram program in Hyderabad.

Till now, we have successfully handed-over more than 200 homes to our happy and satisfied customers. Now, we move ahead with a lofty goal to create the right ambience and scenario for businesses to florish in the heart of Hyderabad. We now announce the launch of new large scale projects of high standards. Our upcoming commercial infra projects like Ayyanna IT Park, Ayyanna Pinnacle, Ayyanna Palazzo and Ayyanna Prime are sure to match every taste, comfort and proximity needs of business communities.

We hope, all our customers and patrons will extend the same level of support and cooperation to make our upcoming infra projects highly useful and successful. Last but not the least, we wish to express our heart-felt gratitude and thankfulness to our esteemed Customers, Vendors, Contractors, Employees and other Stakeholders for the continuous support and cooperation.

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